We offer over ten exciting games in one portable set. Enjoy Farkle, Yatzy, Bunco, Digital Shut The Box, and more than two hundred thousand variations of Liar's Dice! Click here for full game list. These games are offered via digital scorecards and instructions paired with the physical dice cups. Get rid of the annoying paper. Play anywhere with your friends.

This site also includes free open source math videos and interactive demos for teens. Our demos focus on responsible gambling and game theory. We deep dive on craps and show how the casino will take your money in the long run

The sets come with four cups, 20 dice, a color die, and a coaster cover with a rubber band to secure everything together. Use the QR code on the cover to access the game materials with ease. Two sets can also be used for a thrilling 8-person Liar's Dice or Cant. The dice are small and could present a choking hazard to babies and little children.